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Hi, I’m Dwayne. I started this blog to explore the connections between human civilization and natural ecosystems, and predictions about the future of both. This is a story that unfolds a little bit every day in newspaper and magazine articles, books, blogs, and scientific journals. I review these sources and add a few of my own thoughts. So join me as I range through the natural and social sciences, planning, engineering and technology, economics, and even take the occasional step back into history or sideways into science fiction.

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  1. Mahdi

    Hello Dwayne,
    I am a Ph.D. student at University of South Australia.
    My thesis subject is very relevant to the discussions that are developed in your book (Human Enterprise, Ecosystems, and the Future of Civilization). In brief, I want to quantify natural capital according to some existing global scenarios which are called Great Transition Scenarios. I use an integrated natural and human system as a theoretical framework which is introduced by ecological economists such as Herman Daly, Robert Costanza, and so on.
    If you like, we can have more contribution in this area.

    1. rdmyers75@hotmail.com Post author

      Hi Mahdi, thank you for the comment and I am more than happy to have a dialogue with you.



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