Mr. Money Mustache on medical tourism

Mr. Money Mustache discusses medical insurance in general in this post. His first suggestion is to consider going without. I suppose it could be rational for a young person with no assets to take this gamble, especially if they can minimize time spent in and around motor vehicles. Beyond that, yes, retiring abroad or medical tourism are both options. I used to get an annual checkup in Singapore for $69. And in an experience I would not wish on anyone else, I had a child hospitalized in Thailand for 8 days including 2 in intensive care. The total bill was $2500 including take-home medication, probably a tenth the U.S. cost. I had to pay up front but my U.S. insurance is more than happy to pay me back. Of course, you don’t want to get a plane when you are desperately ill, but you could easily combine routine checkups and dental cleanings with travel you are planning anyway.

When Your Shitty Health Insurance Doubles in Price


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